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Providing Project Financial Solutions can give you an Edge!

Access to a wide range of commercial and private equity lenders!

Wide range of credit, software and equipment Approved!

Integrator Lease Financing Programs!

Offering a lease finance solution to your customer will increase your chance of getting a project approved.

Leasing moves your project from a capital purchase to an operating expense.

We can provide you a monthly payment estimate to include with your project quote.


Simply provide us a contact name and number and we will take it from there.

We handle all of the paperwork.

We work with your customer to provide the structure and terms they need.

We provide a range of options including True Tax Lease and Operating Leases.

Increase Sales
Selling a monthly payment versus entire cost of equipment makes the decision making for your customer much easier.

Fast Approvals
Transactions submitted for up to $150,000 or less are normally approved in less then 24 hours.

Fast Payment
We make payment on an invoice as soon as delivery and installation is confirmed. No more 30 days net. No more slow pays!

Minimal Paper Work
Give us the customers contact information and we do the rest. Generally a one page application is all that is required. We push hard to close your deal.

Overcome Budget Objections
It is much easier for a customer to get a payment approved than a total equipment acquisition cost. Move the sale from a capital purchase to an operating expense and bypass the budget cycle.

Special Structuring 
Special programs such as skip payments, step payments, seasonal payments, etc. are available. Advance funding available.

Municipal and Federal Leasing Programs are Available
Leasing to Government is big business and is on the rise.

We believe the most important thing to you is more sales. Our research shows that the majority of vendors use leasing after the sale. The customer either asks about financing after they make the decision to buy or they are complaining about the equipment cost and question if they can afford it. Leasing is used in both of these scenarios to salvage the sale. Our goal is to help you to generate additional sales. We will share with you techniques that will incorporate leasing into the entire sales process. We will start at the beginning of the sales process, which usually is your advertising. We will teach you how to use financing to attract new customers and leads.

Our primary goal is to assist you in generating and closing more sales. If we cannot do that, you do not need our services.



Contact Information:

Blue Water Leasing, Inc.

Annandale, VA 22003

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Buying Equipment


We provide an estimated payment.


You provide us a customer name and number.


We process the application.


On approval  and acceptance we issue lease documents.


On receipt of documents we can  issue advance funding.

5K To 5 Million - New and Used Equipment


No more 30 days Net!

(No more slow pays - Increase your cash flow!)

Advanced Funding

(Advanced project funding available for qualified vendors!)

We handle all of the paper work!

(Spend your time closing sales no shuffling paper)

Fast Approvals!

(Application only 2 to 4 hours Full Financial in 24 hours)

Fast Payment!

(Overnight check or wire transfer in 24 hours)


We work hard to qualify your customer!


We would like to develop a program for your specific needs. We offer a wide range of credit and finance options. We can provide you the tools you need to close more sales and your customers the flexibility to purchase your products and systems. We are happy to become involved in any part of the sales cycle and to provide your sales team the tools they need to close the deal. We take care of all the paperwork and you get paid up front in full.

Lease Finance Plans
One Page Application for up to 150K
Delayed payment plans for startup.
Skip payment plans for seasonal business.
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Expanding your business horizon!