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Warehouse management systems and equipment can be very expensive, and essential to staying competitive and increasing efficiency. Also with major retailers demanding suppliers use state of the art labeling and tracking. Real time system access to inventory moving through third party logistics providers. Transportation companies, third logistics providers and distribution centers are faced with the reality of acquiring very expensive systems and software.

We take the time to understand your technology and your business needs. Working with a commercial finance company who understand your technology is important. In our experience many commercial banks and funding sources have difficulty understand complex equipment and soft asset projects. When a bank does not understand the value of your equipment and systems they decline the transaction or risk adjust the costs making the project more expensive. We have working relationships with asset managers to help with the approval process.

Credit is looked at more closely and standards can be tighter. Lender are risk adverse and we know when a lender does not understand your technology funding will be difficult. The good news is we have deep funding a can put project funding in place for a wide range of credit. We can provide advanced project funding and roll all of your business software and equipment into one convenient master lease. A wide range of lease funding options are available however custom software may require a put a the end of the lease term.

Software Systems We Finance

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) solutions. Distribution Center systems for inventory control and supply chain management. Enterprise wide supply chain solutions including logistics software management systems. Inventory control systems software, custom RFID labeling software and custom bar coding solutions. Business office management software programs. Medical practice software, medical billing software, clinical software systems, and custom laboratory software programs. office software programs.

Capital Lease (Bargain Purchase Buy-Out)
This plan allows you to buy the equipment at the end of the lease term for a nominal amount of $1.  For companies that intend to keep the equipment at the end of the lease, this is an option. In essence, you are building "equity" in the equipment, so at the end of the lease you own the equipment. Under IRS Section 179 you may be able to immediately deduct up to 500K of equipment in the 2011 tax year. This could result in significant tax savings for businesses facing a tax liability. Consult your accountant. Software normally requires a purchase at the end as the residual value to a lessor is negligible.

True Lease (Fair Market Value)
This structure provides you with the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease for its then Fair Market Value, continue leasing the equipment based on its Fair Market Value, or return the equipment. The payment during the term is lower than on a lease purchase, but the cost at the end of the lease is higher. In most cases, there is a "cap" on the Fair Market Value of 10% of the original cost of the equipment. This lease can provide tax advantages that effectively lower your payment. It also allows you to avoid being stuck with obsolete or inefficient equipment.

Operating Lease

An operating lease must meet all requirements of FASB 13 and has a shorter term compared to the useful life of the asset or piece of equipment being leased. This type of lease is beneficial for businesses who want to keep their leases out of their financial statements. With an operating lease, only the right to use the property is transferred and not the actual ownership of the asset. The lessee is only required to record the operating expense of the property and it does not affect the balance sheet.

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Upgrading your warehouse or distribution facility can be expensive, but necessary to compete and maintain your customer base. We have expertise in the material handling industry. From acquiring pallet racking to major facility upgrades, we have the resources to provide aggressive pricing and lease options.


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WMS software,, material handling equipment, RFID installations, inventory control software, transportation logistics software and much more.

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Blue Water Leasing can assemble a superior program that will meet their needs now, as well as allow for future growth and flexibility. Call 1.888.480.8532 to speak with one of our leasing and financing specialists about your specific needs.


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Office Management Inventory Control Web Video Monitoring
WMS Control Systems Power Roller Systems RFID Wireless Systems
Engineering & Design Smart Conveyors Scanning & Bar Coding
Innovative Technology Tilt Tray Systems Laser Scanning
Computer Equipment Racking & Shelving Pick to Light Systems
Web Portal Equipment Packing Equipment Automated Storage
Satellite Phones Dock Equipment Pick to Voice
Laboratory Software Ball Decks Robotic Software
Clinical Software Slave Pallets Inline Scales
Oxygen Analyzers Dock Bumpers Smart Cart Systems
Fluke Calibrators Elevating Docks Pallet Racking
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