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Access to a wide range of commercial and private equity funding sources.

Aggressive Pricing for a wide range of business credit and equipment.

Why Vendor Programs are good for your Business!      

1. Increased Cash Flow -

 A purchase order is great. Cash in the bank is better. No more 30 days net. Advanced funding is possible. We pay in full when you deliver.


2. Generate More Sales -

Offering a monthly payment is far more effective than asking for a large check. How many Lexus cars would be on the street if the customer had to pay cash.


3. Control the Sale!

When you control the funding you control the sale. Do not send your customer away to find financing, they just might find a vendor who provides it.


4. Revenue Sharing

We offer revenue sharing programs. Make your finance program a profit center.


5. Great Marketing Tools!

Take a vendor tour and we can show you how to use leasing to close more sales.


6. Up sell your Systems

It is a lot easier to sell more expensive equipment and options when you are talking about a monthly payment rather than a sales price.


7. Special Programs

Private Label programs, live online links to your business. Blind Discounting and other customized products.


8. Over Come Budget Objections!

We can move your sale from a capital purchase to an operating lease. R.O.I. is no longer a factor and you avoid the budget committee.


9. Significant Tax Advantages      

We can show you how to use the tax code to close a sales. IRS 179 can make purchasing your equipment an easy decision. IRS 55-540 can make the payment 100% tax deductible.   

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10. It costs you nothing!

We handle all of the paper work and push to get your deal closed. It leaves you free to focus on sales!


How long does it take to get an approval?

Typically transactions under $150,000 can be approved in 24 hours. Larger transactions will require financial disclosure, i.e. financial statements and tax returns, and are generally approved with in 2 days after receipt of the financial information we have requested.

When do I get paid?

Upon notification of delivery and installation of your equipment we will issue your check within 24 hours.

Who handles all the paperwork?

We will handle all aspects of the lease. We will take care of all the credit investigation, approvals, and all necessary paperwork. This allows you to concentrate on sales.

What if the customer does not pay and the lease goes bad?

All transactions that are completed are done so on a non-recourse basis. The credit decision was not made by you, therefore, if the customer does not pay, that is our problem, not yours.

Can other things be included in the lease besides the equipment?

Absolutely. Soft cost such as sales tax, delivery, installation, etc., can usually be included in the lease payment.

Is it possible to lease to the Governments?

Yes. We have the capability to lease to Cities, Counties, Townships, Public School Districts and State Governments. This would include Fired Departments, Police Departments, State Universities and more. The equipment would include computer equipment, communications equipment, transportation equipment and more. We can also lease to the Federal Government. This would include customers such as the Armed Forces, Veteran's Administration, and US Postal Service, etc. Leasing to the Federal Government is big business and is on the rise.

Contact Information:

Blue Water Leasing, Inc.

Annandale, VA 22003

Tel 1.888.480.8532,  Fax: 1.703.584.7106 


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No more 30 days Net!

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(Application only 2 to 4 hours Full Financial in 24 hours)


Fast Payment!

(Overnight check or wire transfer in 24 hours)


Advanced Funding

(Advanced project funding available for qualified vendors!)


Become a Preferred Vendor and we will help you generate and close more sales.  Call us you have nothing to lose. Online Calculator for proposals and price planning.

Delayed payment plans for startup.

Skip payment plans for seasonal business.

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