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Financial Services Provided by Blue Water Leasing!


Just starting out or opening your first practice or expanding your existing practice. Buying a combination of new and used equipment can be a very smart business decision. Blue Water Leasing provides lease financing for Dental Equipment Liquidators customer's.


Refurbished equipment makes sense!

You can equip your office with a combination of new and refurbished equipment at a fraction of the cost. Use our finance options to preserve your cash while your business grows.


Estimate Payment

(Pick your equipment and get an estimate.)

Business income Is Generated By Use Of Equipment Not By Ownership

Application Only 5K To 150K 

Select your equipment

Complete a one page application

Easy Application

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Conserve Your Capital
Preserves your credit and protects your operating cash reserves. A common mistake for a new dentist, or during a practice expansion is to burn your existing lines of credit and end up in a cash crunch. Placing business equipment on a personal credit card will damage your credit. Acquiring equipment through a commercial lease will enhance your credit.

100% Financing
No down payment is required. We can start your lease for as little as $20 dollars. The soft costs, i.e. sales/use taxes, delivery, installation, training, etc., can also be included in the lease payment

Ease of Budgeting
We can offer lower payments for the first 6 months of the lease to allow your practice to begin generating income to cover the equipment lease.

Special Structuring 
Special programs such as deferred payments, step payments, seasonal payments, etc. are available.

Fast Approvals
Transactions submitted for up to $150,000 or less are normally approved the same day.

Minimal Paper Work
Often a one-page credit application is all that is required. We do the rest.

Longer Terms
We can offer equipment lease terms for up to 60 months affording lower payments.

Ends Equipment Obsolescence
Leasing can move your equipment from a purchase to an operating expense which makes upgrading to newer equipment much easier.

Tax Advantages
Under IRS 179 you can deduct up to 250K in equipment purchases in this calendar year. If you are expanding a practice you could make 1 payment and deduct the entire amount of equipment purchased immediately. This results in substantial tax savings and increases your free cash flow. Effectively lowering your cost of leasing.

Fixed Payments
Lease payments are fixed for the entire term of the lease contract. They do not float as with Conventional Bank Financing.

Who handles all the paperwork?

We will handle all aspects of the lease. We will take care of all the credit investigation, approvals, and all necessary paperwork. This allows you to concentrate on sales.


Can other things be included in the lease besides the equipment?

Absolutely. Soft cost such as sales tax, delivery, installation, etc., can usually be included in the lease payment.


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No Risk!  No Fee!

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Easy Application

No Fee to Apply!

We can include shipping and installation in your payment. Buying software? You can add it to your equipment lease and make 1 low payment.

Never Use Personal Credit for Business Equipment!

Revolving debt will destroy your credit and future ability to borrow.

Business credit will enhance your ability to borrow in the future.

Out Of Cash!   Out of Credit!   Out of Business!

Save your existing bank lines of credit.

Preserve your cash.

Never use your personal credit cards for business equipment.

Very competitive pricing for equipment and software systems purchases. We finance up 100% of the soft costs. Expand your practice at discounted prices.

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Lease Finance Plans
One Page Application for up to 150K
Delayed payment plans for startup.
Skip payment plans for seasonal business.
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Expanding your business horizon!

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