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Access over 200 commercial and private equity lenders!

Aggressive lease pricing with free no obligation quotes!

Wide range of equipment and credit approved!

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Security equipment leasing from access control to monitoring equipment. RFID  Equipment, WMS software, Satellite and Wireless tracking equipment. Computer Equipment and much more.

We can fund a variety of new and used commercial equipment leases. From business enterprise software financing programs, to virtually everything you need for a medical practice, clinic or laboratory. Precision instrument, precision scales, office furniture leasing, material handling equipment, transportation equipment leasing, RFID equipment, WMS software and much more.

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Fast approvals!

Cleveland wms project funding RFID equipment installations New Jersey

Flexible payment plans!

One Page Applications!


Equipment Types

Medical Equipment Precision Instruments Business Software Material Handling Automated Systems
Dental Equipment Ultra Micro Balances Office Management Conveyor Control Web Video Monitoring
Office Equipment Axle Load Scales Inventory Control Power Roller Systems RFID Wireless
Exam Room Pacakges Analytical Balances Engineering & Design Smart Conveyors Scanning & Bar Coding
Pediatric Packages X-ray Machines Innovative Technology Tilt Tray Systems Laser Scanning
Power Exam Tables Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope Computer Equipment Racking & Shelving Pick to Light Systems
Construction Equipment Aircraft Scales Web Portal Equipment Packing Equipment Automated Storage
Auto Shop Equipment Fiber Optic Scopes Satellite Phones Dock Equipment Pick to Voice
Surgical Tables Measuring Devices Laboratory Software Ball Decks Robotics
Hematology Analyzers Home Medical Clinical Software Slave Pallets Inline Scales
Industrial Equipment Cosmetic Lasers Oxygen Analyzers Dock Bumpers Smart Cart Systems
Printing Equipment Microscopes Fluke Calibrators Elevating Docks Pallet Racking

Blue Water Capital Leasing specializes in small business equipment financing and leasing. We stand ready to help you expand your business opportunities.


Contact Information:

Blue Water Leasing, Inc.

Annandale, VA 22003

Tel 1.888.480.8532,  Fax: 1.703.584.7106 


Tel 1.888.480.8532,  Fax: 1.703.584.7106 





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Security equipment Leasing, Access control systems lease financing CCTV Camera Systems


Tel: 1.888.480.8532



Call  1-888-480-8532

Convenient mini lease programs with one page applications and fast track approvals from 3K to 150K.

Application Only Process


Complete a one page application


We issue a formal proposal.


On acceptance of terms we process for approval.


On approval we issue lease document.

Small business equipment financing available. Including start-up businesses with less than 2 years and less than perfect credit customers. Advanced project funding for qualified vendors.

We fund a large variety of equipment leases. Security equipment Leasing, Access control systems lease financing CCTV Camera Systems, used RFID Labeling Equipment, WMS Software and much more.

Lease Finance Plans
One Page Application for up to 150K
Delayed payment plans for startup.
Skip payment plans for seasonal business.
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